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We specialize in Disinfecting and Sanitizing of private homes and business properties.

Window Cleaning is also another service that we render to our

Disinfecting & Sanitizing
The process of treating and servicing your building or home is quick, efficient and with minimum disruption to you, your home, building, shop, office, or warehouse.

  •  RBT, is a Non-Corrosive, Non-Hazardous, Eco Friendly and Water based product that we use to Sanitize your assets.
  • RBT MED is a registered medical device. Kills known bacteria, viruses, and fungi rapidly and efficiently.
  • Continues to kill harmful pathogens – i.e. residual efficacy on skin with RBT lasts up to 6 hrs or from wash to wash.

Klenzcom makes use of commercial ULV fogging machines (Ultra Low Volume) to generate a cold Fog mist of disinfectant to cover all surface areas, for a fast and efficient treatment.

Window Cleaning
We strive to give our clients the best service possible. Our window cleaning staff are professional, dynamic and well trained as per required regulations.

All of our staff have successfully passed the working at height training and is fit for work as per medical certificates.

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